PalmTissue Culture Method

Shahnameh Reader, Naggal, Researcher
The Shahname, literally meaning 'Book of Kings,' is structured according to the mythical and historical reign of 50 Persian Kings. The epic can be roughly divided into three parts: the first part tells of the mythical creation of Persia and its earliest mythical past; the second part tells of the legendary Kings and the heroes Rostam and Sohrab; the third part blends historical fact with legend, telling of the semi-mythical adventures of actual historical Kings.
Work by Iman Tash, Amir Sharifr
Work by Iman Tash, Amir sharif
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Pahlevani is an Iranian martial art that combines elements of Gnosticism and ancient Persian beliefs. It describes a ritual collection of gymnastic and callisthenic movements performed by ten to twenty men, each wielding instruments symbolizing ancient weapons. The ritual takes place in a Zoorkhane, a sacred domed structure with an octagonal sunken arena and audience seats. The Morshed (master) who leads the Pahlevani ritual performs epic and Gnostic poems and beats out time on a zarb goblet drum.

Palm Tissue Culture Method

During the last three decades, plant cell, tissue, and organ culture have developed rapidly and become a major biotechnology tool in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, and industry. Many problems in conventional breeding techniques were solved via tissue culture techniques. Plant tissue culture technique permits the growing plants in test tube or closed container in vitro under controlled environment. This technique is devoted to solve two problems: 1) To keep the plant cells free from microbes. 2) To grow the desired plants by providing suitable nutrient medium and other environmental conditions. In this chapter, a review around plant tissue culture techniques that have been reported on oil palm breeding programme will be discussed. It is including the laboratory techniques, advantages and disadvantages of the technique, the problems to produce good and prolific oil palm tissue culture clones and mitigation measures that have been reported to overcome the problems. As a conclusion, this chapter reviews tissue culture techniques that could be used to propagate oil palm clones.